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No Face was founded in the early 2000s as a way to promote the material of Mathias, a one-man heavy metal band. Self-managed, the label quickly became a haven for intense music that deserves to be heard but needs more promotion. We believe that hard work yields rewarding results, and that for every solid album or single released, there are sure to be dedicated listeners to share and enjoy it. This system allows us to be involved with talented bands we believe in, and in return the artists themselves can reach out to their potential fans.
   We have released several records over the years and for the past ten it has been run by our flagship classic heavy metal group Conquest of Steel. This is a perfect example of our ethos; we play a direct part in promoting and operating the band and vice versa. We can help set our artists up with the resources they need to record, release and distribute, as well as tour. Our past label-mates include Mathias, Evanesce, Man of the Hour and The Prophecy. Below is a comprehensive discography of our releases:

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